"One thing we can count on is change..."
What is Ripple Effect Ministries about?

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Mission:  Investing in people of influence to have a positive impact in their relationships, whole communities, and world.

We believe that ALL individuals have a dynamic influence on their families, workplaces, churches, communities and world.  Just as a ripple is created by the impact of a water drop, so the passions, attitudes, belief systems and values of an individual ripple outward.  Everyone is creating a ripple effect around themselves everyday, regardless if they are being intention or not.

Ripple Effect Ministries believes that the church is the hope of the world.  The Church is a community called by Jesus to make a positive difference in the world around them.  The Church can only ever be as effective to the degree the people are spiritually healthy, because the people are the Church.  Therefore it is our passion to impact, influence, and invest in the lives of our church people, in order to re-ignite the mission of the Church.